August 5, 2021


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Realme 7i Review: budget-friendly smartphone

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There is a large percentage of people who are looking for an economical smartphone for simple everyday use, and the Realme 7i is designed for them –θήκες κινητών-. Officially,  the new smartphone of the company comes to 169 euros, a very low selling price, especially if one calculates what it offers as a whole. Apart from simple daily use, the Realme 7i is also aimed at a younger audience, who are also looking for an economical solution for gaming and more.

Realme 7i Design

In order not to look and not be cheap, it has a different texture and a rather unusual design on the back. In this way, among other things, it has a more “matte” texture that is at the same time less cheap in appearance but also useful in preventing the device from slipping easily by hand.The plastic construction has another “advantage” of keeping the weight of the Realme 7i at relatively low levels, especially considering the impressively large battery inside.

The frame with the three cameras of the Smartphone, is placed in the upper left corner as usual, and it is always positive that it does not protrude much from the rest of the device.In practical terms, the Realme 7i has a natural headphone port, which is considered necessary in this category, among other things for the operation of the built-in radio. The fingerprint sensor is on the back, a device that remains the most convenient to use and with both hands. However, it is placed a little higher than ideal, while its surface is slightly smaller. What matters, though, is its impressive reliability and unlock speed.

Realme pays special attention to this area, and always makes sure that the screen “lights up” as fast as possible so that the feeling that its devices give, is that they unlock as fast as possible. The fact that this also applies to Realme 7i shows in the best way the importance that the company gives to its most economical devices. If there’s one thing the Realme 7i has in common with a specific competitor in the same category, it’s stereo sound. The Smartphone does not use its headset as a second speaker, and the sound is reproduced by the already satisfactory speaker at the bottom.

Realme 7i Screen

The Realme 7i display is probably the only area in which the company had to make a concession to achieve its selling price. Its nominal resolution at 1600 × 720 pixels is the equivalent of 720p for a screen with a 21: 9 aspect ratio. At 6.5 inches which is its diagonal, it is lower than ideal, although here we must remember that for this money the devices with 1080p screen are few and usually older models that have reduced their selling price.

Realme 7i Memory

Inside the Realme 7i is Mediatek’s Helio G85 processor that is already known for different budget smartphones. The performance it offers is rather satisfactory, although the Smartphone has a different limitation on having the best possible performance.

The Helio G85 traditionally has 8 processing cores, and 2 of them are the relatively powerful ARM A-75 at 2.0GHz. With them are six more A-53 processing cores, which is a less efficient version of the A-55 at a reasonable frequency of 1.8GHz.

Realme 7i Performance

The performance of the Helio G85 is what one expects based on its features, and under ideal conditions it could exceed the average in this category. However, Realme 7i uses for its storage the older EMMC 5.1 standard, which has specific limitations in reading and writing speed and especially in the simultaneous service of a lot of data from different applications.

As a result, the Realme 7i has random, annoying small glitches, even in tasks and applications that it has performed smoothly at some point before. Although it is a given that the company can improve this phenomenon to some extent, it remains a limitation of the EMMC standard. The Mali G52 graphics card now with two “cores” inside, is very satisfactory. Especially in combination with the lower screen resolution of the Realme 7i, its performance is enough for even the most demanding games.

Realme 7i Battery

One of the features of the Realme 7i that the company rightly emphasizes, is the impressively large capacity battery inside.At 6,000mAh it is higher than usual even for significantly more expensive Smartphones, and has obviously been chosen in order for the Smartphone to offer impressive standby and operating times.

In practice, the Realme 7i achieves just that, as the performance of this battery combined with the limited-consumption Hardware inside, is rather unusual. Even the most demanding Smartphone users will not be able to run out of battery in a day, which makes it ideal for young audiences. Whether one is playing games with the Realme 7i or using it for Social Media and video viewing, the battery simply does not seem to be “disturbed”.

This means, however, that the less demanding users will take advantage of this battery for more than two days of continuous use. The Smartphone is one of the few that can be found even in this price category, with a battery that can “take out” even three days of simple daily use. Such a large capacity battery usually requires a fairly fast charging rate in order to “charge” in a reasonable amount of time. Here the Realme 7i offers up to 18W of fast charging, which although not so impressive, is fully satisfactory for its class.

Realme 7i Conclusion

Realme continues to show in the best way that it recognizes the needs of the buying public in each category, and makes sure to offer at least one proposal that meets them in the best possible way.

What is important is that Realme now offers a perfectly capable proposal for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their next smartphone, but without wanting to make annoying concessions at the same time.

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