September 22, 2021


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How to deal with ants?


Disinfection is often something that requires time and a lot of money and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. It is therefore useful to get rid of both the cleaning crews and the financial burden of calling them. Here we have some tips on how to deal with ants. In short, it would be good to use them as a last resort and after you have exhausted all the possibilities you have to solve the problem with your own means.

How to deal with ants

Spray them with a mixture of soap and water or vinegar and water. It is more effective to spray the source. Another method is to place a trap with syrup or some other sticky sweetener – that is, water a cardboard box with the syrup, put it near the nest and let the ants taste the … poison. Another method is to pour hot water over their nest.


Cockroaches frighten most of us. You should know that cockroaches can live a long time of the month without food, but little without water. So deal with all the water leaks in your home, clean and disinfect the floor, do not leave food exposed, do not let water stagnate. It is very likely that cockroaches will sooner or later disappear.

Use commercially available traps and sprays – especially for cockroaches – making sure to close all the cracks in your home so that they do not come back.


Getting rid of wasps is a risky process and should be done by a qualified workshop. But if you are brave enough, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are not allergic and equip yourself with the appropriate attire (as few parts of the body as possible are exposed). The destruction of the nest should be done at the beginning of the year, away from the presence of children. It is best to do the procedure at night, when wasps are less aggressive. Use either insecticide or tobacco – like beekeepers.

Clean your refrigerator

The first step you need to do is empty your fridge, throw away any mold and remove as many shelves as you can. Spray the inside with water and vinegar, clean the removable shelves with soap and water and quickly wipe the wet surfaces with a cloth. After hours, return the shelves and gradually fill it with food.

Wardrobe cleaning

The wardrobe requires special care when cleaning, as there may be moth in it. Empty your closet and wash your clothes. Inspect the closet and if you find moth, clean corners and cracks with a simple cleaner and use a vacuum cleaner for the entire surface of the closet. Carefully clean the buttons and zippers, and then install special moth or chemical traps, depending on the instructions for use. Make sure the clothes are clean before putting them back in the closet.

Cleanliness of the home

It may sound like a measure, but many of us neglect some details, capable of creating a fertile ground for insects. Thorough and frequent cleaning of cupboards where food is stored is essential to prevent outbreaks. Great care is also required with food scraps on tables, kitchen counters and floors, especially during the warmer months. Insects perceive the existence of food very quickly. Proper cleanliness greatly reduces the invasion of cockroaches, ants and flies. If you need help with your house cleaning and other services, contact Αποφράξεις Αθήνα.

Airtight packaged food

Foods that have been opened from their packaging and are not going to be used immediately, it is recommended to be sealed in special containers. Such foods can be flour, coffee, sugar, spices, etc. that are usually placed in cupboards. In this way we prevent the growth of food insects that spread rapidly in the kitchens.

Plants with insect repellent actions

Some plants such as lavender, rosemary, basil, mint and mint are able to repel some insects, mainly mosquitoes. Thus, the cultivation of one or more of the above plants can be a natural measure to prevent to some extent their arrival in your area. Of course, some pots will not be an obstacle for mosquitoes if there are outbreaks in the area with large populations. But it is still a good complementary measure.

Natural ways

You’ve probably heard that some of the products we have in our homes can be our ally against insects. Some of these may be boric acid, cinnamon, baking soda, oregano, coffee beans, etc. Although these products have some repellent properties for some crawling insects (mainly ants and cockroaches), they can not solve a big problem.

If, for example, a kitchen already has a nest, the insects will continue to search for food and reproduce, possibly looking for alternative routes. However, they can be used in sensitive areas (eg kitchen counters) either as a precaution or for isolated incidents.

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