Training Schedule

Tea Cultivation :

One day on campus training programme on ‘New Planting in Tea’

Agricultural Engineering:
One day on campus training programme on ‘Tea Tasting’

One day on campus training programme on ‘Exotic Vegetable cultivation’

Home Science:
One month on campus training programme on ‘Wool Knitting’

Soil Science & Plant Protection:
One day on campus training programme on ‘Organic farming’




Swachh Bharat


Cleaning in front of temple at Kammandu village



Cleaning in front of community hall at kammandu village



Cleaning at Ketti Kerada village



Cleaning at road side at Santhoor village



Cleaning at our KVK office campus




"Parthenium Awareness Campaign" at Manjoor Government Higher Secondary School,Nilgiris. (22-08-2016)













Field day on Potato White Grub Management




Makkal TV recording on Potato Cultivation (21-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on Tea Cultivation (21-07-2016)






Makkal TV recording on IFS Farmer field - Tribal Area (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on IFS Goat rearing - Tribal Area (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on Community land- Tribal Area (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on Pepper Wilt Management - Tribal Area (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on IFS Goat rearing - Tribal Area (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording T.Manihatty village on Small Tea Growers Association (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording on Carnation Floriculture (22-07-2016)



Makkal TV recording Honnadhalai village on Small Tea Growers Association (22-07-2016)



Farmers fair on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana - 22nd June 2016.











Training on Tea cultivation and processing to Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture from 13-06-2016 to 18-06-2016




Seminar on Speciality Agriculture - 23rd February 2016.








International Soil Health Day Celebration on 05th December 2015.








The 16th Scientific Advisory committee (SAC) meeting was held on 15th September 2015.




Training-cum-awareness programme on "PROTECTION OF PLANT VARIETIES AND FARMER'S RIGHTS ACT,2001" was held on 09th September 2015.







ICAR-KVK-UPASI has adopted Sundapatty village under Tribe Sub Plan(TSP). The main activites being carried out are Multicroping system and Integrated farming system














Vermicomposting at Hulikkalmund tribal village on 19.02.2015


Hand made green tea :



Hand made green tea training on 16.02.2015



October 2014

Tribal Stakeholders Meet


Tribal Stakeholders Meet was conducted on 08.10.2014, around 125 tribal farmers participated


Training on usage of TNAU Agri Portal on 18.09.2014

56 number of participated


Floriculture Stakeholders Meet on 25.09.2014,

27 farmers participated


Training on "Repair and maintenance of plucking and pruning machine in tea" on 29.09.2014, 21 farmers participated



Recent Activities of our KVK on July and August 2014



The Zonal Project Director from ICAR, Bangalore visited our UPASI-KVK between 9th to 12th July 2014 to review the activities, to meet the district collector and the scientists of all line departments.  Demonstration on Planting of various trees under multicropping system was inaugurated  by our Zonal Project Director at tribal village Sundapatty.  Meeting with Small tea growers society, Honnathalai village was conducted to see the activities of the societies with respect to quality tea leaf procurement. Visit to Front line demonstration on late blight resistant variety Kufri giridhari at Ooty state bank colony was arranged to see the performance of the variety and meeting with vegetable growers association was also held to solve the seed problem in potato and also mechanisation to solve the labour problem in vegetable cultivation. Visit to front line demonstration field at Yedakadu  village was made to see the machine harvesting of tea leaves. 

Tailoring unit
Potato field visit at Ooty State Bank Colony
Mechanisation tea field Visit at Yedakadu village
Integrated Farming System - Sundapatty village
White tea production unit - T.Manihatty village
Floriculture Unit - Kotagiri
Two months Training on advanced tailoring for readymade garments, around 17 farm women participated
Inauguration of forty five days training programme on Entrepreneur development for women
Inauguration of One week training by our District Collector
Welcome address by Programme Coordinator, UPASI-KVK
Field visit to Front Line Demonstration - Kufri giridhari seed production - 150 farmers participated
Training on oyster mushroom production
One day training on hill area horticulture crops to horticulture student from Switzerland
Animal health campaign at Sundapatty village
Demonstration on deworming in goat at Sundapatty village
Distribution of planting material under multi cropping system
Training on fungicide treatment in Coconut
One day tribal stakeholders meeting was organized at Gudalur. Welcome address by Programme Coordinator, Nilgiri KVK
Distribution of planting material by Executive Director, Tea Board
Demonstration on multicropping system in tribal area - distribution of plants to the tribal farmers at Sundapatty village
Visit of Zonal Project Director, Bangalore to Sundapatty village
Demonstration on planting of pear as a border crop in tea
Integrated farming system at Sundapatty village
Front Line Demonstration - Field Day on Potato variety Kufri giridhari
Discussion with vegetable growers regarding late blight resistant variety Kufri giridhari